Thinking Of Gifting An Excellent Gift For A Bar Mitzvah?

Published on January 08, 2014 by IBMT

The bar mitzvah is a religious ceremony observed by Jewish people. Boys aged 12 and below are not expected to observe the commandments. But as they grow, they are taught important Jewish traditions and teachings. So a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13, he becomes a bar mitzvah or a son of the commandment. Bar mitzvahs are very important in Jewish tradition. That is why a gift that will be given to a bar mitzvah should definitely be well-thought of. Here are some popular gifts to consider:

What is the significance of giving money?

Money is considered to be the most practical gift for a bar mitzvah. As a boy becomes a part of the Jewish community, so is he bestowed with adult responsibilities – these include money management. Giving bar mitzvahs cash can allow them to practice their money management skills. Most Jewish adults practice giving money in multiples of 18. This is because the tenth and the eight letters of the Jewish alphabet spell the word, ‘Chai,’ and this means life. Life starts at forty for most people. But for the Jewish, it starts at the age of thirteen.

Does the gift have to be expensive?

Since the Bar Mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is not a surprise why expensive gifts are be considered for the celebrator. In fact, some parents take a couple of years to save money just so they would be able to get an expensive gift for their son. Some parents give expensive gadgets and even heirloom items which have been passed down from previous generations. But guests who are invited to a bar mitzvah do not need to be pressured on presenting an expensive gift. It is still the thought that counts. In fact, anybody can present a gift which he would have given to any ordinary thirteen-year-old birthday celebrator.

Observing and celebrating bar mitzvah at Jerusalem

There are so many options when it comes to bar mitzvah venues. Some hold their bar mitzvahs in classy restaurants, five-star hotels, and even in luxurious resorts. But which place will ever be better to observe and celebrate the bar mitzvah than the Holy Land? Surely such an experience can be considered as the perfect give for a bar mitzvah.

On a trip to Jerusalem, bar mitzvahs will have the chance to see the places that he has read from the holy texts. He will be able to thread on the paths where the Patriarchs have trod. The Western Wall, the Dead Sea, and the Tower of David are just some amazing sites to visit. Being at the Holy Land for one’s bar mitzvah can surely offer a fulfilling and very memorable experience.

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