Tips For Embarking On A Bar Mitzvah In Israel

Published on December 07, 2013 by IBMT

Planning your sons Bar Mitzvah can be a huge deal especially if you are trying to make it as memorable as possible. You can have the usual function where you invite guests to celebrate the occasion in your home or in a hotel, or you can make it extra special by traveling to Israel. Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in Israel can be special and unforgettable and the best part is that you may end up spending less than you would on a traditional festival.

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah is an important life cycle event in Judaism. It marks the transition of the young boy into adulthood and there is no better way to mark this occasion than visiting your Jewish roots. You can give your child the opportunity to learn and understand about what it means to be Jewish. The trip can provide an unbreakable connection that gives the individual the lifetime Jewish identity. There are several tips to help when planning the event to the Jewish homeland.

1. Research the options

It has become very easy to get any information that you need and when planning the trip, you need to start online. Whether you are looking for an intimate and private family Bar Mitzvah tour, or you want an event with many guests, you need to look at the options available. Planning the perfect event and celebration will help to ensure that your son gets memories that will last a lifetime while deepening his connection to Israel.

2. The best tour package

Fortunately, there are people who have experience planning tour packages for visitors to the holy land. Look for a package that will suit your needs by working with a tour company that will tailor make everything that you need. By making your wishes known, you can get the perfect private tour that will help you and your group to get the experience that you need. The tour company can help you to plan your itinerary from the visits to different locations to planning the ceremony and celebration.

3. Traditional locations

For the perfect Bar Mitzvah in Israel you should make it a point to visit the traditional locations. These are locations that are significant to the Jewish traditions. The tour company can organize everything for you including using one of the traditional locations to hold the Bar Mitzvah event. A visit to Israel is not complete without visiting locations like Massada or the Kotel. You can also choose to have the event in one of the ancient synagogues in Galilee or the Golan.

4. Experienced tour guide

When planning the Israel Bar Mitzvah tours, it is very important to hire a tour guide operator who is experienced and who specializes in planning such events. The guide will not only help you to get around, you also have someone to handle everything that you need for the event, including contacting a local Rabbi. Contact the tour company to find out about the local guides available. There are also some really good options on the Internet.

If you are planning your visit to include more than just the Bar Mitzvah tour, you need to have n idea about the activities you want so that you can choose the best venues.


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